Lakrits Tea 60g, Forsman
  • Lakrits Tea 60g, Forsman

Forsman, Black Loose Tea with Liquorice 60g


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  • Forsman Licorice Tea is an India-Ceylon-based black tea that, as its name implies, has a licorice flavor. Licorice and India-Ceylon fit together and complement each other.
  • This is a completely calorie-free sweet hunger tamer, and is great as a dessert tea, for example. A favorite of young people!
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liquorice tea
EAN13: 6411020000989 MHD-2025-12-13

Ingredients: Indian-Ceylon black tea 83%, licorice root 14%, licorice powder 3%. Contains licorice. In the case of high blood pressure, excessive consumption of this product should be avoided.


Use: 1 tea spoon per 2 dl boiling water. Simmer 3-5 minutes.

Storage in a dry place

Net weight: 60 g

Manufacturer: Aaro Forsman Oy, Suokalliontie 7, 01740 Vantaa, Finland

Country of origin: Finland


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