Liquorice, Salmiak & Other Sweets

Welcome to discover the beloved Finnish and other Nordic licorice and sweets products. Do you prefer sweet or salty licorice? We offer both and delicious bonbons by the best seller Nordic sweets producers such as Fazer, Panda and Halva. Have a sweet moment with a genuine Nordic flavor!


  • Liquorice & Salmiak

    Looking for licorice from Finland and Scandinaiva? Our delicious selection includes milder sweet licorices to the saltier and stronger ones. Welcome to find your favourites!

  • Sweets without Licorice

    Looking for a sweet treat without licorice? No problem! the Fazer Marianne peppermint sweets with milk chocolate heart are a real Finnish classic and so are the Moomin fruit gums with natural aromas and colours.

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