Little Finland Shop & Café in Hanau

Opening times:
Mon-Sat 10-18

Address: Little Finland Hanau, Lindenstraße 5, 63450 Hanau

Tel: +49 (0)178 2728072

E-mail: hanau(at)


Little Finland Shop & Café is our new and first franchising shop and located in Hanau, only 25 km from Frankfurt am Main in Western Germany. Little Finland Hanau offers a versatile selection of beloved Finnish and Nordic delicacies, design articles as well as Finnish coffee and pastries.

Little Finland Hanau is run by Annika Borisov, a Finnish woman who has lived in Germany about 20 years. In Annika’s Little Finland, there is something for every Finland fan: beloved Finnish Fazer chocolate, licorice, rye chips, berry products, reindeer and elk meat, beers, Long Drink, and liqueurs.

In Annika's shop, you can also enjoy real Finnish coffee and sweet and genuine Finnish korvapuusti (cinnamon bun) and other “must” delicacies. And then you can explore more and discover our Moomins, Finnish best seller sauna products and much more!

Tervetuloa - Welcome!


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