The best known Finnish chocolate classic is the Fazer Blue - smooth creamy milk chcoholate. Our selection includes the tastiest chocolate treats from the North.


  • Chocolate Pralines & Candies

    Here you will find a seasonally changing selection of popular Finnish and Nordic chocolate pralines. Our selection includes delicious pralines from Finland's most famous chocolate manufacturer Fazer as well as other Finnish and Nordic classics - for your own enjoyment and as a delicious gift!

  • Chocolate Tablets

    In our online shop and shops you find the most beloved Finnish chocolate tablets from the the Finnish best seller sweet producer Fazer. We also offer a seasonally changing selection of the chocolate tablets by other popular Finnish brands such as Panda. Our selection includes also delicious original Swedish Marabou chocolate.

  • Chocolate Bars

    Welcome to discover the most delicious Finnish chocolate bars with many flavors and fillings. Our selection includes delicious chocolate bars by Finland's best known sweet producer Fazer. We offer also other Finnish chocolate snack classics such as Tupla chocolate nougat bars as well as other Nordic chocolate treats.

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