Alcoholic Drinks

Welcome to discover the delicious drinks from Finland and Scandinavia. We offer you beloved Nordic beers and ciders, liqueurs and schnaps as well as the finest Finnish vodka, gin, whisky and more. Kippis!


  • Beer, Cider & Long Drink

    We are happy to offer you the beloved Finnish and other Nordic beer cans and, when we get a special delivery from Finland, some craft beers as well. Our selection includes also delicious Cool Grape long drink and cider. Kippis!

  • Liqueur & Mulled Wine

    Want to taste a genuine tasty liqueur or schnaps from the wild North? If you love salty licorice you must taste Koskenkorva Salmiakki. Valhalla is a Finnish herbal schnaps  - at the same time smooth and strong but not bitter. Lapponia Lakka is a special sweetish liqueur with cloudberries. Shaman's Terva contains real tar. Kippis!

  • Vodka, Gin & other Spirits

    Vodka pure or with fine natural aromas? Koskenkorva Vodka is a true Finnish classic and the bestseller. Our selection also includes prize winner Finnish whisky and gin. Kippis!

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