• Alcoholic Drinks

    Welcome to discover the delicious drinks from Finland and Scandinavia. We offer you beloved Nordic beers and ciders, liqueurs and schnaps as well as the finest Finnish vodka, gin, whisky and more. Kippis!

  • Alcohol-free Drinks

    We are happy to offer you the tastiest Finnish drink products. With us you find the best seller Finnish coffee, cocoa and tea varieties.  Our selection includes also ready-to-drink juice and juice concetrates made from the wild Nordic blueberries and other forest berries. At Christmas and winter time the Finnish glögi (mulled wine) tastes fantastic also without a drop of alcohol.

  • Liquorice, Salmiak & Other Sweets

    Welcome to discover the beloved Finnish and other Nordic licorice and sweets products. Do you prefer sweet or salty licorice? We offer both and delicious bonbons by the best seller Nordic sweets producers such as Fazer, Panda and Halva. Have a sweet moment with a genuine Nordic flavor!

  • Chokolate

    The best known Finnish chocolate classic is the Fazer Blue - smooth creamy milk chcoholate. Our selection includes the tastiest chocolate treats from the North.

  • Cookies & Sweet Snacks

    With us you find delicious Finnish cookies and sweet snack products. Enjoy the beloved biscuits with family and friends as well as on a snack break - the Finnish high-fiber oats give you good energy and taste so good.

  • Cereal & Flour

    How about a big bowl of Finnish oatmeal with berries for breakfast? Disover our delicious and high-quality cereals and baking flours for traditional Finnish bread and more.

  • Chips and Crispy Breads

    Here you find the original Finnish rye chips and crispy breads. Enjoy as snacks and serve for guests - success is guaranteed!

  • Berries, Jams & Natural Products

    The wild berries belong to the most valuable treasures of the wild north. Enjoy the fine taste of arctic berries with breakfast, toast, pancakes and as a snack.

  • Meat, Fish & Vegetarian Specialties

    Ready for the wild North? With us you find the wild game products like elk salami, reindeer chips and 100% bear meat. Our selection includes beloved Finnish soups and other specialties with and without meat. Bon appetit!

  • Spices & Dips

    Welcome to discover the fascinating Finnish and Scandinavian spice products! With us you find the best mustard in the world - at least we and many of our customers around Europe love the Finnish mustard. Our spice selection includes beloved Nordic cooking and baking spices as well as delicious Finnish honey.

  • Mustard, Sauces & Honey


    Finland and Scandinavia are known for high-quality organic and vegan products as well as food products developed for people with different food allergies and sensitivities. Welcome to discover your favourites of our Finnish and Nordic Free From products.

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