• Bengt & Lotta

    Bengt & Lotta

    Bengt & Lotta is a Swedish brand inspirated by traditional folklore with modern design. Bengt & Lotta products include beautiful handmade design products for home as well as stylish merino socks.

  • Biokia


    Biokia is a trademark of the Finnish company, Kiantama Ltd. Kiantama is speciliazed in processing of wild berries. It produces and developes high-quality berry products as well as raw material for food, health supplement and cosmetics industry.

  • EcoFurn


    EcoFurn designs and manufactures ecological wooden outdoor furniture in Finland.

  • Emendo


    Emendo Ltd. is a Finnish import and whole sale company which specializes in high quality sauna and wellness products. Our purpose is to offer our customers well-being and counterbalance to the hectic world.

    Emendo Ltd. is a Finnish market leader in selling sauna products. Emendo’s products are sold to consumers in department stores, natural product stores and in a variety of other smaller stores.

    Emendo Ltd. is a member of the Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd.

  • Fazer


    Fazer is one of the most well-known Finnish brands and a family business that manufactures beloved sweets and bakery products in Finland.

  • Kati-Riina Design

    Kati-Riina Design

    Kati-Riina Design makes jewerly and deco products as well as clothes from ecological and recycled materials. All products are handmade in Finland.

  • L'asessor


    L'asessor manufactures high-quality accessories and is a licenced producer of the world famous Moomin products. L’asessor is the bestselling scarf brand in Finland.

  • Lovi


    Lovi is a Finnish family business making beautiful 3D wooden decorations. The Lovi products are made from high-quality PEFC -certified birch plywood in Finland.

  • Lumoava


    Magical, unique jewelry from Scandinavia: Lumoava offers special jewelry for every occasion and of the highest quality. The Lumoava jewelry is developed by top Finnish designers and handmade in the world's northernmost jewelry factory in Kuopio, Finland. Discover our range for men and women and let yourself be enchanted.

  • Martinex


    Martinex is a Finnish family business that manufactures and imports gifts and household goods as well as textiles and toys by beloved brands such as the Moomins, Pippi Longstocking and Emil of Lönneberga.

  • Muurla


    Muurla is a Finnish company that designs and manufacturers home and kitchen products. The Finnish Muurla products include high-quality enamel tableware with beloved brands like the Moomins, Pippi Longstocking and Emil of Lönneberga.

  • Nordic Buddies

    Nordic Buddies

    Nordic Buddies is a new fresh brand for beautiful and high-quality Moomin fashion items.

  • Riipisen
  • Robin Ruth

    Robin Ruth

    Robin Ruth is the biggest souvenir brand in the world. We offer a collection of stylish and high-quality fashion items by Robin Ruth Finland.

  • Silver Bar

    Silver Bar

    Silver Bar is a beloved Finnish jewelry brand comprising the largest selection of silver jewelry in Finland. All the Silver Bar jewelry is made of 925 and 830 silver partly in Finland and partly elsewhere. 
  • Sirokoru


    Sirokoru Ltd. is a Finnish company producing of high-quality and unique silver jewelry. Sirokoru Ltd was established in 1958 by Matti Hyvärinen, one of the most successful jewellery designers in Finland. All product pieces are designed by Hyvärinen and they are hand-made in Finland.

  • Wood Jewel

    Wood Jewel

    Wood Jewel makes traditional Finnish knives, jewelry and home products from curly birch and reindeer horn in Lapland.