Emendo, Löylytuoksu Terva, Sauna Fragrance, Tar 500ml


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  • Emendo sauna fragnance with mild tar scent.
  • Pure natural product from tar and essential eucalyptus oil. No synthetic additives.
  • Emendo sauna fragrances give the sauna a pleasant scent and make the sauna experience even more enjoyable.
  • Emendo is a best-seller brand for sauna products in Finland.

Eukalyptus Globulusöl, Pyroleum Pini

Use Add about 50ml (1/2dl) of sauna fragrance to (3l) water and throw over the hot stones of the sauna stove. Enjoy the natural aroma and relax. Shake before use.
Net volume 500 ml
Package amount 1 Sauna fragnance
Package type plastic bottle
Product type Sauna fragnance
Brand Emendo
Manufacturer Emendo Oy, Kauppapuistikko 25, 65100 Vaasa, Finland

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