Panda, Lakritsi POP Sitruunajuustokakku, Liquorice Stick with Lemon Cheese Cake Flavoured Filling 22g


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  • Licorice with lemon cheesecake filling (25%).

  • Panda is POP! Inside the mouth-watering soft licorice cover is a fresh lemon cheesecake-like interior. Perfect taste and size! Vegan.

  • Panda is the second largest sweets manufacturer in Finland and it has a factory (and a factory shop) in Vaajakoski.
Ingredients Sugar, WHEAT FLOUR, whole cured vegetable oil (coconut), molasses, syrup, starch syrup, rice starch, liquorice extract, colors (E153, beet concentrate), flavorings (including anise oil), emulsifier (lecithin), acidity regulator (E3 May contain small amounts of MILK POWDER. Contains gluten. Contains licorice. In the case of high blood pressure, excessive consumption of this product should be avoided.

cereal containing gluten


in a dry and cool place

Net weight

22 g


Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Finland, PL 683, 20361 Turku, Finland

Country of origin Finland

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