Koskenkorva, Strawberry Marqarita Coctail 15% 0,5l


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  • In the village of Koskenkorva things are being kept simple. By mixing Koskenkorva Vodka with Finnish strawberry juice and lime, you get the taste of the delicious strawberry margarita cocktail – the village way.
  • Pleasantly sweet and sour taste with fresh strawberry and lime zest dominating in the beginning. Orange and agave rising up to complete the long, fruity aftertaste.
  • Serve chilled and with plenty of ice. If desired, the ready cocktail mix can be extended with sparkling water or tonic.

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Alcohol VOL

15 %

Net volume

0,5 l

Packing type

glass bottle


Altia Plc, P.O. Box 350, 00101 Helsinki, Finland

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