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Kirami, Hot Tub, Original Tiny, ThermoWood, Micu Oven S

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Original Tiny is a compact easy-care hot tub for 1-2 persons.

  • Light, compact and easy to install in both small yards and on terraces. Heats up quickly.
  • The outer shell is made of durable Finnish heat-treated pine.
  • The interior colour option is available with safe LED lighting as an extra accessory.

Product by order: The product will be shipped to you directly by the manufacturer in Finland. After your order and payment we will forward your delivery data to the manufacturer for the shipping. Additional delivery costs 390€, shown on the cart page.

Outer shell heat-treated pine. Interior plastic. Oven marine-grade aluminium.
Outer shell brown. Interior gray.
Capacity (persons) 1-2
Fillage volume 475 l
Water capacity 690 l
Outer diameter 202 cm length
Height (tub) 107 cm
Depth 90 cm
Weight 130 kg
Stove model MICU
gross heat output of the stove 30 kW
net heat output transferred to water 19 kW
Brand Kirami
Series Original
Manufacturer Kirami Oy, Finland,
Country of origin Finland

Tiny is a compact easy-care hot tub with a single-colour plastic interior. This petite hot tub features two shaped seats, making it ideal for one or two persons. Light in weight and compact in size, the hot tub is easy to install in both small yards and on terraces. Thanks to its small water volume, Tiny is quick to heat up, allowing you to enjoy a spot of luxury even on busy weekday evenings.

The interior colour option is available with safe LED lighting as an accessory, which is installed at the factory. The glow of the LED lighting creates a magical atmosphere to bathing in the darkening night.

The heat-treated pine used in the outer shell is a Finnish alternative for dark-coloured imported wood. ThermoWood is a high-quality, long-lasting material with a warm brown colour that maintains its shape well.

The soft, vibrant grey of the interior is always timeless and elegant, and it blends in beautifully with the environment.