Kirami, Floating Thermometer Goldfish

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  • Kirami's perky duck thermometers are both fun and functional, delighting bathers and providing accurate water temperature measurements. A thermometer makes it easy to monitor your hot tub's water temperature during heating.
  • For accurate measurements, the water should be stirred during heating, with a Kirami mixing paddle, for example. During bathing, a thermometer also allows you to easily see when you should add some more firewood to the heater.
  • The goldfish thermometer is sure delight both children and the young at heart. The built-in string allows you to anchor the thermometer if you do not want it floating freely.

When ordered together with the hot tub the freight cost is 0€. Can be ordered only together with the hot tub!

Product length 8cm
Product width 12cm
Product height 25cm
Weight 0.102kg

Manufacturer: Kirami Oy, Finland

Kirami Oy is the largest hot tub manufacturer in Europe.


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