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  • Massfilter for filtering water in a tubor pool. Important part of bathing is taking care of the water hygiene. The physical prt of that can be taken care with mass filter. This high quality filter is suitable for small pools and hot tubs and filters away dust, leaves, other dirt and impurities that come from bathing.
  • MF250 is a small and handy mass filter that is well suited for Kirami hot tubs and purifies bath water efficiently. In mass filters the water first passes through the pre-filter which removes the larger debris, after this the water is pushed through the filtering mass where the smaller debris are filtered out. You can use traditional filtering sand or Kirami filter fibers as filtering medium. The medium can be washed and rinsed with the Backwash and rinse actions of the filter. The medium must be replaced when necessary.
  • The kit includes base, 250W pump, 4-way control valve, hose between pump and valve, filtering tank and 500g of Kirami filter fiber.
  • You will need a connection / hose kit to connect the filter onto your hot tub, these are sold separately and can be different according to the hot tub model. The system includes hose connectors that can be used with hose with either 32 or 38mm inside diameters. The device shall allways be connected only into a RCD protected power supply.

When ordered together with the hot tub the freight cost is 0€. Can be ordered only together with the hot tub!

Product length 40cm
Product width 46cm
Product height 62cm
Weight 9.7kg

Manufacturer: Kirami Oy, Finland

Kirami Oy is the largest hot tub manufacturer in Europe.


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