Kirami, Middle Outlet Kit

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  • Installing a middle outlet kit between the heater and the tub may help you place the tub on a terrace. The standard option for emptying the water out of the tub is on the opposite side from the heater. With a middle outlet kit, the tub can be emptied from the same side as the heater. The middle outlet kit is available for plastic tubs.
  • The kit contains all the parts you need to install an outlet valve between the heater and the tub. The product does not include a Kirami outlet valve; the outlet valve included with the hot tub is moved to the middle outlet. The tub’s discharge pipe is closed with a plug provided with the kit. Distance between the heater and tub will be 36cm after installing the kit.

When ordered together with the hot tub the freight cost is 0€. Can be ordered only together with the hot tub!

Product length 38cm
Product width 26cm
Product height 60cm
Weight 3kg

Manufacturer: Kirami Oy, Finland

Kirami Oy is the largest hot tub manufacturer in Europe.


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