Kirami, Chimney Caps with a Spark Arrestor Mesh

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  • Spark protection for the chimney means that the smoke passes most of the flanges without affecting the draft in the chimney at the same time as it prevents rainwater from entering.
  • Spark protection on the chimney is recommended if you fire with spruce, pine, wood and the like. It does not provide 100% protection but makes a big difference. Pipes are made out of acid-proof stainless steel. If needed, you can also buy extensions pipes for the chimney, which reduces quantity of the sparks.
  •  A chimney cap equipped with a spark arrestor is made of stainless steel and is installed at the top of the Kirami chimneys with a diameter of 120 mm or 150 mm. The spark part can also fit to other chimneys with a larger diameter, but installation may require the customer's own adaptation. If only birch wood is burned in the Kirami heater, then the acid-resistant stainless steel chimney cap included in the chimney package is sufficient.

When ordered together with the hot tub the freight cost is 0€. Can be ordered only together with the hot tub!

Weight 2.08kg

Manufacturer: Kirami Oy, Finland

Kirami Oy is the largest hot tub manufacturer in Europe.


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