Kirami, Ash Box for Hot Tub Oven

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  • A heater ash box is an excellent accessory for your hot tub. Emptying the heater’s ash compartment is easy when the combustion waste accumulated in the firebox can be dropped into an ash box through the grate hole.
  • The ash box allows the combustion waste to be easily and quickly removed without shovelling: simply remove the box from the ash compartment and dispose of the waste appropriately.
  • Made of acid-proof stainless steel, the ash box boasts excellent heat and rust resistance.
  • This ash box is compatible with CULT and MACU heaters as well as the new CUBE heater from the spring 2018 model onwards.

When ordered together with the hot tub the freight cost is 0€. Can be ordered only together with the hot tub!

Manufacturer: Kirami Oy, Finland

Kirami Oy is the largest hot tub manufacturer in Europe.


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