Moomin Postcard
  • Moomin Postcard

Putinki, Moomin, Postcard Glitter, Moomins Ice-Skating


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  • Let's go ice-skating with the Moomin family!
  • This cute postcard with glitter has an adorable motif of the popular Moomins from Finland.
  • Send a card or give it to someone special. Or let it bring joy and color into your home.
  • Made in Finland.
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Size: 10,5 x 14,8 cm  

Colour: Image side multicolour, Other side white

Material: carton

Pack quantity: 1

Package content: 1 postcard

Product type: paper product

Brand: Moomin

Manufacturer: Putinki Oy, Finland

Country of origin: Finland