EcoFurn, Granny, Chair, Pine oiled gray
  • EcoFurn, Granny, Chair, Pine oiled gray

EcoFurn, Granny, Chair, Pine oiled gray


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  • The EcoFurn® Granny folding chair is a true classic that was already popular in Finnish summer houses and gardens in the 1950s.
  • The Granny chair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The chair is foldable, which makes it easy to move and store.
  • Delivered directly from the official German EcoFurn dealer as a foldable set in a flat box with instructions for quick assembly. Only in Germany.


Inspired by the wonderful nature in Finland – the thousands of lakes, the forests that seem to have no end, the unique tranquility – EcoFurn combines decades of experience in wood handicraft with fresh Scandinavian design.

Ecofurn products are made of solid wood. Wood is a natural material and reacts to the usage environment such as humidity and temperature changes. Occasional cracks and other structural changes are therefore normal.

Care instructions: Clean with water and a cloth, if necessary with a brush. Clean the furniture before and during the period of use and before storing it. Oil the wood or choose a different surface treatment if necessary. This keeps the furniture attractive, comfortable to use and prolongs its lifespan. It is recommended that oiled chairs be treated at least once a year with a good quality clear or tinted wood oil suitable for outdoor use.

Surface-treated furniture, especially dark oiled furniture, should be assembled on a protective base with gloves. Even dark products should be cleaned of paint dust with a damp cloth before use and dried well aired. Important note: In the first period of use, some color may peel off!

Material: oiled pine

Colour: gray

Folded dimensions: height 80 cm, width 60 cm, depth 90 cm, seat depth 43 cm, seat height 39 cm, backrest height 60 cm

Package dimensions 11cm × 20cm × 11cm

Package content: see assembling instructios

Chair weight: 10 kg

Maximum load: approx. 120 kg

Packing quantity: 1

Package content

Product Type: Outdoor Products

Brand: EcoFurn

Series: Granny

Manufacturer: EcoFurn Oy, Finland

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