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Laihian Mallas Tuoppi Malt Bread Mix
  • Laihian Mallas Tuoppi Malt Bread Mix

Laihian Mallas, Tuoppi Malt Bread Flour Mix 420g

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  • The Tuoppi Saaristolaisleipä Bread Pack contains everything you need for baking the original delicious archipelago bread or "black" bread: Pre-mixed flour mixture, correct amount of dry yeast and pan for baking bread. Just add water.
  • Egg free, lactose free, milk free, high in fiber, less salt, vegan
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Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, SUGAR, RYE (Tuoppi-beer malt groats and rye malt (17%), RYE Flour), Sucrose, Cane Sugar Syrup, Oatmeal, Malt Dextrin, Baking Yeast, Salt.

Allergens: cereal containing gluten

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy 1179 kj / 281 kcal
Fat 1,6 g
- of which saturated fatty acids 0,3 g
Carbohydrates 55,1 g
- of which sugar 19,1 g
Protein 7,8 g
Salt 0,7 g

Use: Combine flour mixture and yeast in a bowl. Add heated (+42 ° C) water and mix vigorously until the dough is evenly mixed. Pour the dough into the greased pan and let rise for about 45 min. Bake at 175 ° C for about 50-60 min.

Storage: at room temperature in a dry place

Net weight: 420g

Manufacturer: Laihian Mallas Oy, Länsitie 372, 66400 Laihia, Finland

Country of origin: Finland