FinnTouch presents: GRÜNE WOCHE 2020 - Big Product Competition

FinnTouch presents: GRÜNE WOCHE 2020 - Big Product Competition

This year Finland was again represented with its own pavilion at the Green Week, Germany's largest food fair. Around 30 exhibitors presented an exciting mix of food and drinks. FinnTouch and Little Finland took a look around the fair for you and brought some tasty things with them. But the best thing is: with a little luck, you can win your own gourmet package!

In my blog article on, what else was on offer at the Grüne Woche and all about the trade fair in Finland 2020, are reported in detail. Click here for the brand new products that we have selected for you. But now you should first find out how you can participate in the competition.

Win your Grüne Woche gourmet package

To give you the opportunity to get to know all the delicacies from the Grüne Woche, we have put together several different gourmet packages for you. Win the package of your choice now! Little Finland offers a total of FOUR product packages, each of which contains a compilation of high-quality products from Finland. We will present these packages to you in more detail below.

The winner will receive his personal gourmet package after the raffle. We would of course also be particularly happy to hear from the lucky winner how the things tasted. This helps us a lot in the selection of new products that are to become an integral part of our growing range.

How to take part:

1. Go to the competition posting on Little Finland's Facebook page

2. Write the number of the product package of your choice (1, 2, 3 or 4) under the FB post photo.

You can participate until Wednesday, the 5th February 2019 and personally notified.

And you can choose your favorite from these ingenious product packages:

Gourmet package 1:
-Lapin Marjat, Cloudberry Sauce (100g)
-Poikain Parhaat, Finnish Jam, Blueberry (75%) (200g)
-Poikain Parhaat, Finnish Freeze-dried Raspberries (10g)

Gourmet package 2:
-Ollinmäen Viinitila, Pontikka, Fruit Schnapps with Berries 46% (0.35l)
-Ollinmäen Viinitila, Lingonberry Liqueur 21% (0.35l)
-Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas, Liquorice Beer (0.33l)

Gourmet package 3:
-SunSpelt, Organic Spelt Balls Cocoa (200g)
-Saimaan Marja, Cloudberry Sparkling Wine (non-alcoholic) (0,2l)
-Puula-Särvin, Savumuikku, Smoked Vendace (220g)

Gourmet package 4:
-Oikia, Oatis Finnish oat snacks, Italian cheese, gluten-free & vegan (150g)
-Oikia, Oatis Finnish oat snacks, sea salt (150g)
-SunSpelt, organic spelled liquorice bar (28g)

1) Berry products for gourmets

Fancy berry products "from the wild"? Lapin Marjat is a manufacturer from Sodankylä in the Finnish Lapland, who only uses berries for the production of its products, which have grown in the almost untouched and pure nature of this region. We brought the excellent cloudberry sauce for you from the Grüne Woche and packed it in gourmet package 1 - a real specialty from the far north. Here you can literally taste the origin and the gentle preparation. You are also welcome to try the cold-pressed juice concentrates and the unique cranberry mustard from Lapin Marjat, which have been added to our shop range.

But that's not all! If you love Nordic berries, you will also love the Poikain Parhaat products. The small company from Tampere also specializes in berry products. We brought you the delicious blueberry jam from the Grüne Woche and put it in gourmet package 1. The jams, which you can also order in the lingonberry and cloudberry varieties, all consist of 75 percent berries.

The freeze-dried raspberries from Poikain Parhaat (also available as blueberries, lingonberries and black currants in the shop) are ideal for smoothies, yogurt, your morning porridge or as a decoration on desserts. Due to the particularly gentle drying process, the best of the berries is preserved - true Finnish superfood!

Content of gourmet package 1:
-Lapin Marjat, Cloudberry Sauce (100g)
-Poikain Parhaat, Finnish Jam, Blueberry (75%) (200g)
-Poikain Parhaat, Finnish Freeze-dried Raspberries (10g)

2) Fine spirits from Finland

We were also enthusiastic about the high-quality spirits from Ollinmänen viinitila. The Ollinmäki winery is located in the South Savo region in the Finnish Lake District, not far from the town of Mikkeli. Founded in 1995, it is one of the oldest wineries in all of Finland and, in addition to producing berry wines, has also specialized in spirits and berry liqueurs made from the best ingredients from Finnish nature. And you can taste it!

We would have liked to have invited all varieties straight away but have now decided on a selection that will convince you too. Delicious cranberry liqueur, refined with a little black currant, awaits you in gourmet package 2. There is also typical Finnish pontikka, a kind of fruit schnapps with berries.

The Finns are well known for their preference for licorice in all conceivable variations. But would you have known that there is even a beer refined with liquorice? The product from the innovative brewery Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas has admittedly only recently come onto the market. Laitilan Lakritsi Porter is the name of the fine barley juice. I tried the dark beer and have to say that I was a little skeptical in advance how this balancing act could succeed. But after the first sip I was thrilled. You have to test!

 Content of gourmet package 2:
-Ollinmäen Viinitila, Pontikka, Fruit Schnapps with Berries 46% (0.35l)
-Ollinmäen Viinitila, Lingonberry Liqueur 21% (0.35l)
-Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas, Liquorice Beer (0.33l)

3) Delicious from the lake area

The lake area in southeastern Finland is one of the most scenic areas in the country. But some great food producers also come from this region. For example, there is SunSpelt, a company with roots in Mikkeli, but which is now based in Tampere. Founder Kari Kaipainen launched the company 20 years ago and has consistently relied on healthy, sustainable spelt products since then. In gourmet package 3, the Finnish breakfast balls with cocoa await you from SunSpelt. Really delicious!

The Saimaan Marja company comes from the beautiful city of Savonlinna, which you should definitely visit because of the imposing Olavinlinna Castle. At Grüne Woche 2020 they convinced us with their wonderful berry lemonades, but above all with the fantastic cloudberry sparkling wine - non-alcoholic and therefore a real treat for young and old!

Our gourmet package 3 with delicacies from the lake area would not be complete without one of the greatest delicacies from this region: Small vendace (Finnish ”muikku”). They were served at the Green Week, but thanks to Puula-Särvin, the forbidden good-tasting small fish are now also available in canned goods. I am particularly pleased that a company from the area, where I have always spent my holidays at Mökki as a small child, made it into the Little Finland product range - and in our gourmet package 3.

 Content of gourmet package 3:
-SunSpelt, Organic Spelt Balls Cocoa (200g)
-Saimaan Marja, Cloudberry Sparkling Wine (non-alcoholic) (0,2l)
-Puula-Särvin, Savumuikku, Smoked Vendace (220g)

4) Tasty snacks made from oats

Do you like to nibble something on a cozy TV or Netflix evening? If only all the tasty things weren't so unhealthy and were immediately noticeable on the scales. But wait: does it really have to be that way? No. The Western Finnish family company Oikia has developed oat snacks called "Oatis", which are made from gluten-free whole grain oatmeal deficiency - compared to conventional chips much better for health and figure, but at least as good in taste.

We brought you the two flavors (other flavours sold out) Italian cheese and sea salt from the Grüne Woche. And honestly, we can't really decide which variety will now win the taste test. Speaking of which: If you are lucky, you will win our gourmet package 4 and maybe you can tell us your personal favorite? These snacks are already a total hit in the Little Finland online shop and are almost sold out. As an additional delicacy, we also put an organic spelled licorice bar from SunSpelt in the package - for me one of the highlights of the Finnish pavilion at Grüne Woche 2020.

 Content of gourmet package 4:
-Oikia, Oatis Finnish oat snacks, Italian cheese, gluten-free & vegan (150g)
-Oikia, Oatis Finnish oat snacks, sea salt (150g)
-SunSpelt, organic spelled liquorice bar (28g)

Have we awakened your appetite for high quality Finnish products? Then take part in our Facebook competition and maybe the courier will ring the bell soon and give you your personal Grüne Woche product package. Little Finland and FinnTouch keep their fingers crossed!

Conditions of participation:
• You must be at least 18 years old to participate.
• The competition takes place at limited time determined in this article. Comments posted afterwards will no longer count towards this raffle.
• By participating in the competition, you agree to these terms and conditions.
• There is a prize consisting of various products to be won (see detailed description in the article).
• Participation takes place by posting a comment, an answer to a question determined in this article, under one of the social media postings belonging to this blog post and linked in the post on Little Finland's Facebook and Instagram pages. Facebook and Instagram are in no way connected to the competition.
• Participation is free; each person can only take part in the competition once.
• The winner will be determined by Little Finland within 7 days of the end of the competition. The judges' decision is final. If you have won, we will notify you in writing.
• If you have not responded to the notification within 7 days, we will determine a new winner and notify you.
• A cash payment of the prize is not possible.

Text and photos:  René Schwarz

About the author:

René Schwarz grew up half Finnish and bilingual. The freelance writer and author travels regularly to his second home country and loves to share his passion for Suomi with others. He has been doing this on his blog FinnTouch since the beginning of 2016, where you can find numerous travel tips for Finland, interviews with Finnish artists and very personal stories. Have a look at!

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