FinnTouch presents: 10 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends of Finland

FinnTouch presents: 10 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends of Finland

Once again, Christmas is just around the corner. If you are still looking for inspiration for your Finnish or Finnish crazy loved one, then you should now continue to read carefully. I have put together 10 great gift ideas for you. And best of all: You can order all products directly here in the Little Finland online shop! In addition, you have a chance to win ... but more at the end of the article.

1. Silver jewelery for all "finnfiziert" ladies

How can you tell that someone is particularly "finnfiziert"? Maybe because of his silver ear plug in the design of the Finnish flag? For some time there is the great silver jewelry Silver Bar in the range of Little Finland and the FinnTouch ladies are very excited about it. It's best to check which variant you would like to order for the Finnish crazy ladies in your area. Should it be the classic flag design or maybe white-blue heart-shaped stud earrings or a silver pendant in the shape of the Finnish lion?

2. Marli Glögi - the bestseller for the whole family

The Finnish "mulled wine" called Glögi is traditionally made without alcohol. At Little Finland, you get the bestseller from Marli in several different versions: Whether in the form of the Glögi concentrate for self-mixing or already ready to drink in the variants "traditional", "bright" or "blueberry" (Sorry, blueberry is sold out! BR, Mari from Little Finland) - this drink has the whole family theirs Joy. And if you like, you can always add a dash of vodka or liqueur ...

3. Chocolate from Fazer for the sweet tooth

The super delicious chocolate from Fazer has long since cultivated outside the Finnish borders. Whether you decide for the classic "Fazerin Sininen", the pure milk chocolate, or perhaps for the incomparable licorice chocolate balls, this is your decision alone. Personally, I also like the Geisha chocolates with hazelnut filling. It's best to just browse the category "chocolate" to find your personal favorites.

4. Golden Moomin outfits for the little ones

If there are kids around, then there is no way around the mega sweet Moomin children's clothing by Martinex over. Be it a body, T-shirt or pajamas, these pieces not only impress thanks to the stylishly implemented, golden motifs from the Moomin stories, but are also made of 95 percent organic cotton. For little girls as well as for little boys you will find the right outfit here! Alternatively or in addition, the colorful "Pippi Longstocking" or "Michel from Lönneberga" kids socks by Martinex may also end up in your shopping cart.

5. Absolutely Cult: Moomin Mugs

The Mumin mugs of the Finnish manufacturer Arabia are now available with countless different motifs of the lovable Finnish Moomin figures. Collectors today pay maximum prices for some of them. Check out the designs that are currently available in the Little Finland range - and get your favorite Moomin mugs. And another tip in this context: Very chic are also the Moomin enamel mugs, if you want to give something special creative.

6. High-quality high percentage and Finnish beer

If you're in the mood for something high percentages, there are a number of high-quality Suomi products I can recommend to you. So Koskenkorva is considered one of the best vodkas in the world, but also the iconic Valhalla herbal liqueur, the unique Lapponia Lakka liqueur or the legendary Salmiakki liqueur are excellent gift ideas for all lovers of fine spirits. Maybe you add a few cans of Finnish Karhu beer also?

7. 3D wood decoration by Lovi - the hit for deco fans

Whether in the form of a polar bear, an angel, Moomin or a star - the innovative 3D wood decoration by Lovi is a real hit for all deco and do-it-yourself fans. If you want to give them to relatives or friends who live further away, the decorative elements are particularly practical. Because they are delivered in a postcard-like package and are therefore easy to ship. To assemble neither glue nor tools are needed!

8. Sauna scents by Emendo and original Finnish shampoo

The sauna fragrances of Emendo are made of 100% essential oils - without synthetic additives. Birch, tar, forest and smoke sauna are the names of the fragrance variations that you can choose from in the Little Finland online shop. Maybe you can already literally smell the Finnish forest just like I can? And if it is to be a Finnish shampoo, it can hardly be more original than the Erittäin Hieno Suomalainen tar shampoo or birch shampoo. You're just trying to give it to yourself, aren’t you?

9. Handmade Lapland knives and accessories

If you like a little more rustic, you're sure to be pleased with a handmade Lappland knife from Wood Jewel. Or how about a bottle opener made of real reindeer horn? The beer tastes so good when opened with a real Lappish tool.

10. For Christmas atmosphere: organic soy wax candles with wooden wick

The handmade soy wax candles by Candle Light Story provide the appropriate atmosphere in every Christmas-decorated room, not least thanks to the atmospheric crackling wood wick. No surface treatment agents, UV protectants or additional fragrances were used here - only 100 percent organic soybean oil. In the decorative metal tin, these candles are really a wonderful gift idea for your loved ones.


Win a gift voucher worth 25 Euro for the Little Finland online shop at our pre-Christmas competition. Just go to the competition post on our Facebook or Instagram page and tell us
1) What is your favourite Nordic Christmas product and
2) which Nordic product you still miss in our range.

Participation in the raffle is possible until Sunday 8th December 2019. The winner will be personally notified.

Text & photo 4: René Schwarz

About the author:

René Schwarz grew up half Finn and bilingual. The self-employed copywriter and author regularly travels to his second home country and loves to share his passion for Suomi with others. He has been doing so since the beginning of 2016 on his blog FinnTouch, where you can expect numerous travel tips from Finland, interviews with Finnish artists and personal stories. Have a look at!

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