FinnTouch Tests: Kotikalja, Malt Bread and Tar Chocolate - with Competition

FinnTouch Tests: Kotikalja, Malt Bread and Tar Chocolate - with Competition

Typical Finnish specialties such as salmon or Karelian pies are known to most. But have you ever heard of kotikalja, Finnish malt bread or tar chocolate? If not, then you should read carefully here. Because I have tested all these exciting products for you. And best of all, you can even win your two favorites from this trio. You can find out how to get involved at the end of the article.


1. Kotikalja by Laihian Mallas - Here You Become the Master Brewer

If you go for lunch in restaurants or gas stations in Finland, you can enjoy a rich buffet at fair prices. "Lounas" is a kind of lunch table, which in addition to a wide selection of food always include drinks. In addition to the obligatory water may not be missing here: Kotikalja, a dark brown drink that you may have noticed before schonmal. Maybe you even dare to try a mouthful?


Kotikalja is a kind of "home-brewed beer", but without alcohol. It is similar to the German malt beer but tastes much less sweet. Now you have certainly become curious? Thanks to a practical set by Laihian Mallas, you can become a master brewer yourself at home. In addition to the brew set, all you need is a pot, some sugar, water and a few empty bottles. If you've got everything ready, you're ready to go. Just follow the simple steps below:

  • Heat 2.5 to 3 liters of water in a pot to about 40 to 42 degrees, add a bag of malt extract and stir. To get the extract out of the bag, you can keep it under warm water beforehand. If you want stronger Kotikalja, add two bags of extract to the water.

  • Depending on how sweet you like, add 90 to 180 grams of sugar and stir.

  • Sprinkle a packet of dry yeast into the pot.

  • Cover the pot and let it stand for about 24 hours at room temperature.

  • Filling the Kotikalja bottled off, shut it and place it for another 24 hours in a cool place.

  • Your Kotikalja is now finished - kippis and enjoy!


It is really simple and the steps take only a few minutes. Anyway, it was great fun for me and something "homemade" tastes much better!


2. Malt Bread from Laihian Mallas - Everyone Can Bake

Also from the West Finnish manufacturer Laihian Mallas comes a baking mix for delicious malt bread. Of course, you can also bake such a bread completely yourself, but with this mixture it is very fast and is also for baking technicians - like me - implemented without problems. Because you get next to the flour mixture also dry yeast and even the matching baking pan included. Now you only need a few kitchen utensils such as bowl and stir bar, a little bit of shortening or butter and water. It can start and faster than you can watch, it is already done!

The malt bread tastes a bit sweetish. You can enjoy it pure and covered with some butter or margarine. But it can also be combined with fish, cheese or soups. And if you want, you can also freeze the fiber-rich Finnish malt bread and eat it later. A detailed baking instructions and more information about the bread can be found in my blog article on (in German).


3. Finnish Tar Chocolate - an Exotic Treat

The Finns love tar. Whether they are used to paint wooden boats or in the form of tar shampoo - there is hardly anything that does not exist. But have you ever heard of tar chocolate? It may sound a bit strange for some or the other, or even "perverted". To be honest, in my test, I first assumed the worst.

The Tervaskanto tar brand, which Mari from Little Finland sent me, hardly differs from ordinary milk chocolate in terms of its appearance. A slightly "tarry" odor note, however, signals to me that it is not ordinary milk chocolate. So now eyes to and through and try the first bite! And what should I say? I did not fall off the chair nor did I have to leave the rest of the chocolate bar. On the contrary, I was really positively surprised by the very intense, but very pleasant taste of chocolate. My verdict: You should test it too!


Raffle: Win Your Two Favorites

And now it is your turn! In our big competition, you can win two of the three featured products. Just tell us under the Competition post on Facebook or Instagram, which two products you would like to taste at home: Kotikalja, malt bread or tar chocolate!

You can participate by Thursday 3rd October 2019. The happy winner will be personally informed. We are excited and wish you good luck!


Conditions of participation:
• You must be at least 18 years old to participate.
• The competition takes place at limited time determined in this article. Comments posted afterwards will no longer count towards this raffle.
• By participating in the competition, you agree to these terms and conditions.
• There is a prize consisting of various products to be won (see detailed description in the article).
• Participation takes place by posting a comment, an answer to a question determined in this article, under one of the social media postings belonging to this blog post and linked in the post on Little Finland's Facebook and Instagram pages. Facebook and Instagram are in no way connected to the competition.
• Participation is free; each person can only take part in the competition once.
• The winner will be determined by Little Finland within 7 days of the end of the competition. The judges' decision is final. If you have won, we will notify you in writing.
• If you have not responded to the notification within 7 days, we will determine a new winner and notify you.
• A cash payment of the prize is not possible.

Text & photos René Schwarz

About the author:
René Schwarz grew up half Finn and bilingual. The self-employed copywriter and author regularly travels to his second home country and loves to share his passion for Suomi with others. He has been doing this on his blog FinnTouch since the beginning of 2016, where you can expect further travel tips from Finland, interviews with Finnish artists and personal stories. Have a look!

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