The Original Finnish "korvapuusti" - Bake Youself & Enjoy!

The Original Finnish "korvapuusti" - Bake Youself & Enjoy!

For cozy coffee with family or friends are the "ear slaps" for me, or in Finnish "korvapuustit". It's a cinnamon bun similar to the north German Franzbrötchen.

The recipe comes from the cookbook "Traditional Finnish House Dishes – Finnish and German - Perinteisiä kotiruokia - suomeksi ja saksaksi" of the Working Group of the Finnish Seemannskirche in Hamburg. This book was reprinted in 2018 and is available at the Finnish Seemannskirche in Hamburg or upon request from the German-Finnish Society e.V.


1. Dough
500 ml of milk
50 g of yeast
1 egg
150 g of sugar
2 teaspoons salt
1 tablespoon of cardamom
About 900 g wheat flour
150 g of margarine

2. Filling
4 tablespoons butter or margarine
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
Or a little experimentation ... more on that later

3. Topping

1 egg
Hail sugar and / or almond shards

Two more hints about the ingredients

1. Instead of a piece of yeast you can of course use dry yeast from the bag. I usually do that.
2. Use the best coarsely ground cardamom, as the taste is more intense than with cardamom powder and a tube of 8 g is enough for baking "Korvapuustit" twice and can be closed again. Little Finland also sells it at the store and online shop. Click to Meira Ground Cardamom.

Prepare the Dough

First, I add about 600 g of the flour to a bowl, which can later be hermetically sealed. Add egg, sugar, salt and cardamom. When using a yeast cube, dissolve in 500 ml of lukewarm milk and add to the dough. For dry yeast, add this and stir gently. Then heat the milk ( e.g. in the microwave), melt the margarine and add both. Now the dough can be mixed with the kneading jar and the hand mixer. Gradually add the remaining flour. When you realize that it is getting heavier with the Knethacken, roll up the sleeves and knead with your hands.

I usually have a second 1 kg package of wheat flour at hand, as the dough is very sticky. Add flour again and again until you notice that the dough is still sticking, but that it forms more and more into a ball in the bowl. Then close the bowl and place in a warm place so that the yeast dough can go.

Let's Bake!

When the dough has doubled in size it must be kneaded to make the bubbles disappear. Then I divide the dough into four roughly equal parts. Lightly sprinkle the worktop with flour and roll out the first part thinly with the rolling pin. In the original recipe, roll out the dough until it is about 1 cm thick. I roll it out much thinner so that you can see more layers later and thus have more surface for the filling. For this reason, I also need significantly more sugar and cinnamon than stated above.

Now melt a good tablespoon of margarine and spread with a pastry brush on the dough. Also sprinkle with a tablespoon the sugar on the dough and then the cinnamon. I like it very cinnamony, so that after baking the newly started cinnamon shaker can ever be half empty.

Then roll up the dough tightly and cut the dough roll with the knife in a V shape (see the photo below). Then place the dough on the broad side and with the blunt side of the knife, or with the knife handle, press the narrow side of the dough on the wide side. Then you can see at the two ends of the "snails" best. Now let the cinnamon buns go a bit. So also with the other three parts procedure.

... to experiment: There are people who do not like cinnamon. Why not try peppermint and chocolate? From the company Fazer there are the popular Marianne sweets small crumpled. Just look at the next visit to Finland with the baking ingredients for "Marianne Crush". There on the shelf can certainly find other ingredients to experiment.

Preheat the oven to 250 ° C with circulating air. During this, brush the "korvapuustit" with the previously whisked egg. If you want, you can stretch the egg with some water, or even use two eggs to brush, as you like. Then sprinkle the "korvapuustit" with hail sugar and / or almonds.

I put the "korvapuustit" in the oven for 12 minutes, after which I cover it with aluminum foil after the first 4 minutes, so they do not get too dark. If you are not done after 12 minutes, better put it in the oven, because nobody wants to eat sticky cinnamon buns inside. Tasting is therefore absolutely necessary.

The Finnish "Pikkujoulu" Party in Harz 23-25 Nov 2018

You want to bake "korvapuustit" yourself but you think it's too difficult? Then come to the Pikkujoulu of the German-Finnish Society e.V. in the Harz from 23.11. until 25.11.2018. We bake and cook Finnish food and eat a traditional Finnish Christmas dinner together. All information and registration can be found here.

Tervetuloa! Welcome!

Text: Jana Stegbauer
Photos: Visit Finland and Wikipedia

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