Kirami’s FinVision is a product of high-quality craftsmanship. The sauna is already surface-treated; it is made out of plain sawn softwood and spruce plywood. The sauna interior exudes a cosy atmosphere that relaxes all bathers. The big window brings the nature close to the bather.

Sauna is a roomy from inside but compact from the outside. Its base is about 2,3m x 2,3m (5 square meter) and with the roof it’s little bit over 2,6m high. Sauna is designed for 4-6 people so it’s perfectly suitable for small and bigger parties.

Light grey benches and sauna’s dark interior create a beautiful contrast together. Sauna’s door and window is made of tempered glass. The glass element brings out the roominess and light. LED-lights create more ambiance.

The sauna heater is produced by Narvi, a Finnish company. Sauna’s suggestive heating time is about an hour. The sauna package with electric oven includes the heater model Narvi NC 16. The sauna package with wooden oven includes the heater model Narvi Kota Saana. Both oven models are approved in Germany.

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