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Finland is a paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors. The tranquillity of nature and the best air in the world invite you to go for walks or long hikes. It’s worth having the right equipment with you for a successful outdoor experience. In this article, you can find out more about the Finnish right of public access, tips for national parks in Finland and how you can make your trips even more enjoyable here in Central Europe.

Nature is never far away in Finland

Anyone who has ever been to Finland knows it. In the land of the “World Champions of Happiness”, you are always just a few steps away from nature. Even in the capital Helsinki there are plenty of green parks and forests. Lapland beckons with its majestic fells and heavenly solitude, but the lake district with its magnificent mosaic of thousands of islets and waters glistening in the sun is also an attractive destination. The great thing is that more and more well-developed and signposted hiking trails and cycle paths have been built in recent years. They allow you to immerse yourself comfortably and safely in Finnish nature.

The Finnish Everyman’s Right

And this nature has plenty of pearls in store for you. Just listen to the sound of the wind or the chirping of the birds. Depending on the time of year, you may come across blueberries, cranberries or even the rare cloudberries along the way. Don’t hold back, but help yourself to the delicacies of the forest. The same applies to mushrooms. Fishing with hook and line is also permitted for everyone. This is covered by the Finnish Everyman’s Right, which states that everyone should have free access to nature and its treasures. This means you can pitch your tent or set up your mobile home in beautiful places, regardless of who owns the land. Important: mutual consideration! Camping or camping within sight of residential buildings is not permitted.

More than 40 national parks

There are now 41 national parks spread across the country, inviting visitors to enjoy special outdoor experiences and showcasing the remarkable diversity of landscapes. There are now two attractive alternatives just a few minutes’ drive from Helsinki city center: Nuuksio National Park with the Haltia Finnish Nature Center and the relatively new Sipoonkorpi National Park. The Koli National Park in North Karelia offers the most beautiful panoramic views of Finnish lake landscapes straight out of a picture book. In Linnansaari National Park, you may be lucky enough to encounter the rare Saimaa ringed seal. High up in Lapland, the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park or the Lemmenjoki National Park, for example, entice visitors to explore the wilderness.

The right equipment for your hike

The longer the hike is to be, the more carefully it should be planned. Of course, this includes the right clothing so that you can remain calm even when the weather changes. Merino wool is an excellent choice of material. Mosquito repellent and possibly nets are recommended depending on the time of year and location.

For Finns, however, what is almost inseparable from a trip into nature are the traditional wooden kuksa cups. This makes coffee or juice taste twice as good during a break. What could be better than an ordinary Kuksa? Well, the Moomin-Kuksa from the Finnish manufacturer Retki. The quality brand, which has been established in its home country for many years, also offers practical telescopic sausage sticks for grilling sausages and high-quality knives, so you are well equipped for your outdoor adventure.

Browse the Little Finland range right here and discover the cute Moomin retro mini backpacks from Retki, among other things. Have fun on your outdoor adventures in Finland or on your doorstep! Incidentally, “Retki” is Finnish and means something like “excursion”.

Text & Photos: René Schwarz

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