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There are many myths surrounding the Finnish sauna, and some of them are half-truths. So how do people in the motherland of the sauna really sweat? What are the differences between German and Finnish sauna habits? In this article, I’ll tell you all about it and give you tips on where you can experience Finnish sauna culture in a particularly authentic way.

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The sauna is deeply rooted in Finnish culture

The sauna is deeply rooted in Finnish culture. For generations it has been an integral part of everyday life in every family. It is estimated that there are around three million saunas in Finland – a more than decent number considering that the country has just 5.5 million inhabitants. In the past, even the children were born in the sauna. In view of these facts, it is understandable that the whole thing in Finland has less of an “event character” than is often the case in Germany and Central Europe.

Saunas at home and at the Mökki

Most Finns have at least one sauna at home. In earlier times, it was the first building erected – even before the residential house. Today, the sauna is not necessarily found in its own sauna house, but often integrated into the main house. In apartment buildings, shared saunas have a tradition that each family is allowed to use on its own at a certain time. This is called “saunavuorot”. Then, of course, there is also the sauna at the summer house, the Mökki. It is usually located right on the water, so you can cool off in the lake after sweating. Still many saunas at the summer houses are equipped with wood-burning stoves.

Photo: Visit Finland

The new trend of public sauna

In addition to the very private sauna experience, Finns have also (re)discovered their love of public saunas in recent years. This is evident in the trend toward modern sauna-restaurant complexes, which can now be found in several major cities. The best-known spot of this kind is probably Löyly in Helsinki, which is backed by actor Jasper Pääkkönen (“Vikings”), among others. Other recommended venues include Kuuma in Tampere, Sataman Viilu in Jyväskylä and Saana in Kuopio. If you prefer original and traditional, Rajaportin sauna in Tampere is a good choice. This is the oldest public sauna still in operation in the country.

Differences between German and Finnish sauna culture

While in Germany there are a lot of rules around the sauna, in Finland the whole thing is handled rather more relaxed and looser. There is no hourglass that sauna-goers should follow, but everyone stays in as long as they feel is right. A towel-waving sauna master, responsible for the infusions in German saunas, is also completely unknown in Finland. Here, even in public saunas, everyone is allowed to throw “löyly”, that is, to make infusions. While in Germany women and men bath in sauna naked and together, most public saunas in Finland are gender segregated and/or sauna in swimwear.

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Dive with us into the authentic sauna culture in Finland

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