5 Beloved Finnish Delicacies in Little Finland Hanau with a Small Bonus

4. February 2023 von Team

Our customers ask daily which are the most typical and popular Finnish specialties. So, we decided to introduce 5 beloved Finnish delicacies for you. The list will help you to choose what to taste first in Annika’s new Shop and Café in Hanau. There is a surprise bonus for you at the end of the post!


Since the lovely Finnish woman, Annika Borisov, opened our second Little Finland Shop there has been a stunning scent of freshly baked cinnamon rolls in and outside the shop in Hanau. These genuine Finnish delicacies are baked from yeast dough with a little extra butter and plenty of cinnamon. The cinnamon roll is most often enjoyed with a cup of light roasted Finnish coffee.


The second most popular Finnish bakery product in Annika’s shop is definitely the original Finnish Carelien pie. The savoury delicacy made in Finland has simple pure ingredients: thin rye crust with rice porridge filling. Annika will serve you the Carelian pie warmed up and topped with egg butter.


Is your mouth also watering when you just think of the real dark Finnish bread with a plenty of delicious fiber-rich rye and a slice of craved salmon on top? The Finnish rye salmon sandwich a classic that you can enjoy mostly only in Finland – and Little Finland Hanau!


The legendary Finnish meat pie is usually bought from a street grill in the early morning hours (after the bars have closed). The meat pie has a minced meat and rice inside. But that’s not all: the meat pie is cut in half and filled with two thin sausages, cucumber salad, ketchup and mustard – of course Finnish.  


This black Finnish nectar you can taste not only in Hanau but also in our shop in Quedlinburg. Many are fascinated by and brave enough to have a sip of the liquid black magic – and fall in love. Salmiakki warms you up no matter how cold the day is.

Koskenkorva Salmiakki

6. BONUS SURPRISE (A Code for a Free Cup of Coffee)

When you have chosen your favorite Finnish delicacies or other products and go to the till in Hanau shop, say the Finnish word “BLOGILUKIJAYLLÄRI” in Finnish to Annika. Now you have definitely deserved a free cup of delicious Finnish coffee! The bonus is valid for one cup per person until 30.04.2023.

Tervetuloa – welcome!

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