Do You Know the Finnish Sauna Culture? 11 Tips for Perfect (Finnish) Sauna Experience

2. February 2022 von Team

Our sauna glossary helps you to uncover the unique Finnish sauna culture. It will also gives you practical tips how you can enjoy sauna even more – in the Finnish way.


The Christmas sauna is a sacred Finnish tradition and many Finns bath in sauna still at Christmas eve. At one time, it was important to stay silent in the Christmas sauna (no problem for Finns) because then the mosquitoes will eat in the summer. A very good reason to keep quiet. The Sauna elf could also get angry if there was a noise or cursing in sauna.

For extra Christmas atmosphere in the sauna check out our lovely sauna scents with ginger bread, Christmas spice and even mulled wine (glögi). Available seasonally.


Sauna is a genuine Finnish word referring to a room or a small house heated to 80-90 degrees (Celsius) or more. It is a place of relaxation, sweating as well as physical and mental purification. It has been a place for giving birth and for making important political decisions.


The sauna cushion brings comfort and protection under your head or behind your back while relaxing in the sauna. A good-quality Finnish sauna cushion is often made of high quality linen and filled with non-flammable and hygienic cotton. The cushion dries quickly and can be washed in the washing machine.


It is recommended to drink enough during the sauna session. We Finns don’t have a problem with that. We love our sauna beer and cider. The Finnish Long Drink is also an excellent sauna drink. If for some reason there is no beer nor cider there is always Jaffa Orange lemonade in the house.


A Finnish sauna hat does not only look chick but actually protects your head, ears and hair in the heat. With the sauna hat you can enjoy the sauna a bit longer. If you are one of those crazy people who swim in the ice whole or roll in the snow the sauna hat protects you from the cold too.


A high-quality Finnish sauna honey product gives lovely extra moisture, cleanse and softness to the skin. Spread the sauna honey on your skin, leave it on for a bit and rinse it off.


You have to try this: put a grill sausage in a foil or a special sauna sausage stone on the hot sauna stones. Wait for the delicious sausage aroma and the sausage skin getting deliciously crispy (but not too black). Enjoy with your favorite Finnish mustard (sinappi).


Sauna scents bring even more pleasure and relaxation during the sauna session. Our sauna scents are made of high-quality essential oils with lovely and special Finnish aromas such as forest, fruits, smoke sauna, tar and even salmiak!

Pour a few drops directly into the ladle and throw the water on the sauna stones.


The wooden sauna bench can get very hot during the sauna session. The sauna seat cover is comfortable and protects the skin as well as the sauna bench.

Our high-quality sauna seat covers are made by linen and cotton. The fans of the Finnish Moomins find sauna seat covers with charming Moomin designs.


The Finnish sauna soap with a practical loop is easy to carry with and hang up. It washes the skin gently and is suitable for the whole family. For an extra Finnish experience we recommend the tar soap including genuine Finnish tar.


We Finns love to beat our spouse, friends and ourselves in the sauna with a birch branches. This is actually very good for the skin and muscles. The whisk also gives the sauna a pleasant fresh birch scent.


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